The Naming Rule Of Wheels

The Naming  Rule

 Item No.: WRP200B.

 First Letter(W): Wheel.

 Second Letter(R): The tyre material, R=Rubber, P=Plastic.

 Third Letter(P): The hub material, R=Rubber, P=Plastic.

 200: The wheels diameter, from 33-200mm.

Last Letter(B): The Wheel type, mainly for looking, from A to Z.


Naming Rule of Casters Item No.: CRPA050SPB

  First Letter(C): Caster.  

  Second Letter(R): The tyre material, R=Rubber, P=Plastic.

  Third Letter(P):The hub material, R=Rubber, P=Plastic.

  Forth Letter(A): The casters type, mainly for looking ,from A to Z.

  050: The wheel diameter, from 33-200mm.

  Fifth Letter(S): The fork type, S=Swivel, F=Fixed. Here, ONLY take  Swivel ones as representative.

  Sixth Letter(P): The fixing type, P=Top Plate, S=Screw Stem. Here, ONLY take top plate ones   as representative.

  Last Letter(B): Brake or not, B=YES, N=NO. Here, ONLY take brake ones as representative.

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